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Company History

Letter From David Costanzo, Our President and CEO

"My parents, Jim and Diane Costanzo, founded Appliance King of America. My dad always had a passion and a talent for repairing things. As a result, when my father moved to Florida in the 1970s, he pursued his dream of running a repair business that helped people, offered high-quality services and products, and treated its employees well. He later met my mother, and they were thrilled to discover Acme Appliance, the oldest GE Dealer in Palm Beach County, with its reputation for excellent customer service. They acquired the company, along with Bryant's Appliance (later Delray Appliance) and various others, renaming the company to Appliance King of America.

From day one, my parents enlisted the whole family in running Appliance King. My father taught us the importance of treating people graciously and with respect, looking customers in the eyes, and shaking their hands. He also passed on his love for working with his hands, repairing appliances, and helping people. My earliest and fondest memories involve accompanying my dad to customers' homes and spending my free time working in the office, researching parts, answering calls, and learning about the business firsthand."

EPA Certification

Technicians You Can Trust

All of our technicians at Appliance King of America are fully NASTEC and EPA Certified making them ready to tackle any problem you are having with your appliances.

NASTEC Certification