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The Appliance King Team

Jim and Diane Costanzo - Founders

My parents, Jim and Diane Costanzo, founded Appliance King of America in the 1980s, but the company dates back to 1946. My dad always had a passion and a talent for repairing things, and both my parents placed a high value on service. As a result, when my father moved to Florida in the 1970s, he pursued his dream of running a trusted neighborhood repair business that helped people, offered high-quality services and products, and served as a reliable resource to its community. He later met my mother, and they were thrilled to discover Acme Appliance, the oldest GE Dealer in Palm Beach County, with its reputation for excellent customer service and quality products. They acquired the company and various others, including Delray Appliance, and changed the name to Appliance King of America.

From the beginning, Jim and Diane ran Appliance King as a family business and taught their children the importance of service and "doing the right thing." Jim passed down to his children his love for working with his hands, repairing appliances, and helping people. The Costanzo children spent most of their free time after school and during vacations tagging along on customer visits, working in the office, researching parts, or answering customer calls. The children were taught to treat people respectfully and graciously, to shake hands, and to look people in the eyes.

To his children and the rest of the Appliance King team, Jim Costanzo emphasized the importance of "doing things right," no matter how long projects take. To his family and the Appliance King team, Jim Costanzo passed along his tremendous work ethic, his passion for continual self-improvement, and his appreciation for life's twists and turns. According to David, some of his father's enduring lessons are summarized in two of his favorite sayings: "Haste makes waste," and "The road to success is always under construction."

David's mother, Diane Costanzo, continues to play an important role at Appliance King, serving as a corporate officer and a part-time advisor.

David Costanzo, President and CEO

David Costanzo has served as President and CEO of Appliance King since 2016. He has developed a strategic vision for the company and is expanding Appliance King's customer services and footprint, to ensure that the company serves as Palm Beach County's comprehensive resource for appliance sales, maintenance, repair, and parts. David has begun implementing new services to meet customer needs, including same-day local delivery for in-stock parts, appliance maintenance plans, and cloud-based scheduling and tracking systems enabling us to be more responsive.

David grew up in the family business, and he can't remember a time when Appliance King wasn't a big part of his life. Some of David's fondest memories involve riding around with his father in the company trucks, visiting customers' homes, and learning about the business firsthand.

David inherited his father's love of service and his passion for fixing things, and he feels grateful for the opportunity to continue his father's work in serving the community through Appliance King. While he has been involved in the business throughout his life, David took over the company formally following the passing of his father Jim in 2014. Prior to joining Appliance King as President and CEO, David worked at AT&T for 6 years, to help pay his way through school. During his tenure at AT&T, David gained invaluable experience managing and running a large customer-focused, service-oriented business. He was rapidly promoted from a retail position to progressively more senior roles in the enterprise software side of the business, ultimately serving as a client solutions executive managing large strategic and tactical accounts. While at AT&T, David won numerous awards for customer service, sales, and leadership.

David holds an MBA and a BS in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a certificate in "Effective Communications and Human Relations" from The Dale Carnegie Program.

David also possesses several technical certifications with respect to appliance repair. He holds an ioAST (Institute of Appliance Service Technicians) Certification from Fred's Appliance Academy, an EPA Type 608 Certification in Stationary Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and a NASTeC - (National Appliance Service Technician) Certification from ISCET.

David believes in "doing the right thing," taking care of others, and supporting his community. He is an active member of the congregation at Journey Church in Boynton Beach, where he serves on the technical team providing audio-visual support for sermons. David also enjoys fishing, cycling, and spending time with his family.

David has a passion for antique appliances and proudly displays a working 1935 GE monitor-top refrigerator in his living room.

Pami Costanzo, Vice President

Pami Costanzo serves as David's trusted advisor and helps out with Appliance King operational issues. A full-time English teacher at Boynton Beach Community High School, Pami was recently recognized by the Florida Department of Education as a "High-Impact Teacher." Pami holds a master's degree in English literature from Florida Atlantic University and a BA in English from Florida State University.

As a member of the Appliance King family and David's wife, Pami regularly jumps in to help Appliance King and its customers. Despite her own demanding schedule, she has been known to drive far out of her way (with baby in tow), to pick up needed parts or otherwise pinch-hit in emergencies.

Pami is an avid reader and nurtures a interest in Irish literature, a nod to her Irish heritage. Pami also enjoys cooking, and, as an active member of her Journey Church in East Boynton Beach, she volunteers regularly in the on-premises cafe.

Sally Gebo, Office Manager

Known for her stellar organization and follow-through, Sally is a master at taking care of people. When Appliance King founder Jim Costanzo fixed her air conditioner in 2000, she had just recently retired from a 35-year career as a private banker at Sun Trust Bank, where she had enjoyed helping people and ultimately served as a Vice President. Jim was so impressed by her positive attitude, her energy, and her experience that he offered her a job on the spot. She joined Appliance King in 2000, and, ever since then, she has been on our front lines answering calls and helping customers get up and running in no time. Sally has an incredible memory for people's names and stories. She is also an expert at locating parts that are hard to find or discontinued.

Sally loves cooking and baking, and her mango bread is in high demand. She keeps us laughing with her encyclopedic knowledge of jokes and stories of her four cats: George Clooney, Rosey Grier, Sonny Bono, and Frankie Heck.

Ryan Moore, Lead Appliance Repair Technician

As our lead technician, Ryan can fix anything. Even if he hasn't seen it before, he can figure it out. He has spent the past 25+ years repairing things, from cars to computers to appliances. His extensive mechanical, computer, and appliance repair experience provide a winning combination. Almost every appliance today contains computers and knowledge of circuit boards, testing pins on circuit boards, and software.

Prior to joining our team in 2014, Ryan served as an apprentice for 2 years under an experienced appliance technician. Before that, he worked as an auto mechanic for 6 years. He also ran a computer repair business during college. Throughout all his experiences, Ryan has demonstrated a passion for repairing things, a talent for complicated repairs, a strong work ethic, and a desire to help people. He holds an "A+ Certification in Computer Repair" from Palm Beach State College (formerly PBCC).

A Florida native, Ryan is a bird-lover and the proud father of three: Birdy-Boo (an African Gray parrot), Priscilla (a Blue-Crowned Conure), and Benny (a Lutino cockatiel).

Don Dovey - "In Memoriam"

In March 2017, the Appliance King family was saddened by the loss of Don Dovey. Incredibly knowledgeable, dependable, and driven, Don was a part of the Appliance King family for over 40 years. Don was an amazing person with a smile that lit up a room.

Don Dovey was an original employee of Acme Appliance and worked with us for more than 40 years. Don held various roles at our company, ultimately running our parts division. He was a GE appliance specialist, memorizing model numbers of all GE appliances manufactured over a forty-year period. He made an enormous impact on the business and the lives of everyone on the team.

Even after retiring, Don remained in our lives and served as an emeritus member of our team. We were touched that he made a special effort to be included in our company photo, just two weeks before his passing in 2017. Even in retirement, Don was there to lend us a hand, and we will be forever grateful for this extra time we were able to spend with him.

We Are Hiring

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Our business is growing, and we are always seeking talented, reliable, hard-working individuals who enjoy working in a customer-focused business and share our passion for fixing things. Appliance King of America is a family-owned and -operated appliance repair, maintenance, sales, and parts business in the greater Delray-Boynton-Boca-community. For over 70 years, we have served as a trusted neighborhood appliance repair and maintenance team.

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Technicians You Can Trust

All of our technicians at Appliance King of America are fully NASTEC and EPA Certified making them ready to tackle any problem you are having with your appliances.

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