maytag dishwasher not starting

5 Reasons Why Your Maytag Dishwasher Won’t Start

Why won’t my Maytag dishwasher start? A power issue may be responsible, preventing the dishwasher from turning on. Troubleshoot the most likely reasons your Maytag dishwasher won’t start and cut down your kitchen time with the right solutions: 1. No power to the dishwasher. 2. Door is not fully closed and latched. 3. Need to adjust dishwasher settings like child lock, delay start, etc. 4. Problem with dishwasher water supply. 5. One or more defective dishwasher parts.

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why won't my samsung oven heat up

6 Causes of a Samsung Oven Not Heating Up Properly

Why won’t my Samsung oven heat up as usual? The door may have been left open too long, enabling the oven’s automatic shut-off feature. Make sure the oven door is closed completely after opening it. Learn more reasons for a Samsung oven not heating properly to quickly solve the problem. 1. Oven not getting power. 2. Oven is still in Demo mode. 3. Opening oven door too much. 4. Need to recalibrate oven thermostat. 5. Oven bake element is defective. 6. Gas igniter has failed.

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lg dryer won't start

Why Is My LG Dryer Not Turning On?

Why is my LG dryer not turning on? Sometimes an electrical issue, and not a dryer malfunction, is the problem. Check your power sources at the outlet and circuit breaker to make sure the dryer is receiving adequate power. Here’s how to troubleshoot common causes and solutions when your LG dryer won’t start.

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samsung washer doesn't drain

Why Is My Samsung Washer Not Draining Water?

When your Samsung washer doesn’t drain, it can be alarming to find your clothes sitting in water in the wash tub. What causes draining problems? It could be because the washer isn’t level or the drain tube is clogged or pinched. Adjust the legs of your washer, as needed, and check the drain tube for kinks or damage. Troubleshoot a Samsung washer not draining with these likely causes and straightforward solutions.

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sub zero refrigerator makes noise

4 Causes for a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Making Loud Noise

Loud sounds can be a surprising deviation from a Sub-Zero refrigerator’s quiet operation. What is a common reason for a Sub-Zero refrigerator making loud noise? A failing evaporator fan motor often operates at a louder volume, requiring professional replacement to stop the sound. Our step-by-step guide pinpoints the causes for other refrigerator noises and how to silence them.

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why does my whirlpool dishwasher stink

Whirlpool Dishwasher Smells Bad? Here’s What to Do.

Like most appliances, dishwashers require regular maintenance to function optimally. Consistent cleaning and maintenance is necessary in order to prevent foul odors. We’ll detail how proper cleaning of components like the filter and spray arms can combat odor when your Whirlpool dishwasher smells bad.

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group costume

How to Make an Appliance Costume for Halloween

Searching for unique, homemade Halloween costume ideas? Look no further than your washer or refrigerator! Believe it or not, these everyday machines can inspire creative costumes that are fun and simple to make. From a running refrigerator to dirty laundry, we’ll detail how to make an appliance costume for Halloween by thinking outside the (appliance) box.

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Frost Building Up Inside Freezer? Try This!

We all want a nice, cold freezer to store our food inside. However, when you notice frost building up inside freezer, it may feel like a serious problem. While that may very well be the case, it can be due to simple problems that can be fixed right there at home.

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refrigerator not cooling

My Refrigerator is Not Cooling – What’s Wrong?

Having a refrigerator not cooling is often cause for alarm. After all, you like the food in your fridge, and don’t want to see it spoil when your refrigerator is warm. But don’t panic, as there are a plethora of reasons why this could be happening– which may or may not be things to repair, but simple errors that can be fixed at home. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of refrigerator maintenance and show you how to troubleshoot refrigerator not cooling issues so you can find the right problem and go about fixing it.

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