My Garbage Disposal is Leaking

If you notice your garbage disposal leaking, there are often three main culprits – damaged hoses or piping, faulty flanges or seals, or worn out units. Begin by first clearing the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink to give yourself plenty of workspace, then follow our tips to assess the problem.

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My Ice Machine is Making Foul-smelling Ice

Over time, sediment, hard water buildup, and water impurities, including deposits and calcium limescale buildup, stick to the internal components of the ice maker and water lines, pumps, and valves. ice machines need special annual cleaning to maintain the units in the best shape possible.

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Ice is Building Up Inside My Freezer

If ice is building up on the walls of your freezer, you’ve most likely got a leakage of cold air. If the freezer is even the slightest bit ajar, moist air will enter and cold air will escape, causing frost to form. There are a few things you can do to help this situation.

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Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

A dishwasher not drying dishes can be a major pain. Nobody wants to dry all their dishes by hand after each cycle. Use the troubleshooting guide below to determine whether your dishwasher vent isn’t opening properly, the vent fan motor is defective, or the heating element is burned out.

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The Washing Machine is Making Loud Noises

Don’t ignore washing machine noise! If the washer is properly balanced on the ground and the laundry load is evenly distributed inside the machine, loud noises should not persist. Check your machine if it is making disruptive noises.

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