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lg front load washer is leaking

3 Reasons Why Your LG Front Load Washer Is Leaking Water

If your LG front-load washer is leaking water, you’re not alone. Leaks are more common with front-loading models, but don’t worry! We’ll point out the different areas that LG front-load washers can leak from and describe the possible causes of each type of leak. We will also show you how to fix each problem yourself. We even have helpful tips for how to prevent leaks from happening in the future.

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bosch washing machine odor

Bosch Washer Smells Bad? Here’s How to Clean It

Wondering why your Bosch washer smells bad? Using too much detergent leaves behind suds that can form smelly bacteria. Moisture also gets trapped inside the washing machine, especially in the door seal. Learn more reasons your front load Bosch washer smells and the right cleaning tips to banish odor.

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lg dryer won't start

Why Is My LG Dryer Not Turning On?

Why is my LG dryer not turning on? Sometimes an electrical issue, and not a dryer malfunction, is the problem. Check your power sources at the outlet and circuit breaker to make sure the dryer is receiving adequate power. Here’s how to troubleshoot common causes and solutions when your LG dryer won’t start.

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samsung washer doesn't drain

Why Is My Samsung Washer Not Draining Water?

When your Samsung washer doesn’t drain, it can be alarming to find your clothes sitting in water in the wash tub. What causes draining problems? It could be because the washer isn’t level or the drain tube is clogged or pinched. Adjust the legs of your washer, as needed, and check the drain tube for kinks or damage. Troubleshoot a Samsung washer not draining with these likely causes and straightforward solutions.

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