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Dishwasher Won’t Clean Dishes

Why Your Dishwasher Won’t Clean Dishes Properly

Do you ever feel like your dishwasher just doesn’t clean your dishes the way it should? Many people have this same problem. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help improve the cleaning power of your dishwasher. We’re here to help you troubleshoot when your dishwasher won’t clean dishes and get your dishwasher back to its old self.

Dishwasher Won’t Clean Dishes? Follow These Tips

If your dishwasher won’t clean dishes the way it should, let’s look into what’s happening and what could be causing it.

Dishwasher Leaving Water Spots

If you notice that your dishes are coming out of the dishwasher with water spots, there are a few things you can do to fix the issue.

1. Use the right kind of detergent. If you’re using a powder detergent, it’s possible that it’s not dissolving completely in the dishwasher. Try switching to a liquid detergent and see if that makes a difference.

2. Use hot water. Try running your dishwasher with hot water instead of warm water. This will help to dissolve the detergent better as well as get a better clean.

3. Use a rinse aid. You can also try adding a dishwasher rinse aid to your dishwasher. These can make a big difference in preventing spots from forming on your dishes.

4. Check for hard water. You should also make sure that the water in your home is not too hard. Hard water is a common cause of water spots that seem to be impossible to avoid. Getting rid of these can be hard, so if you don’t want to get a water softener, there are some dishwashing detergents that are specifically designed to prevent water spots.

dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes

5. Adjust heat and dry settings. If your dishwasher isn’t drying fully you may get water spots. Try running the dishwasher on a hotter setting, or on a longer dry cycle. This will help evaporate any water that’s left on the dishes.

If you’re still having trouble, it’s possible that there is something wrong with your dishwasher. If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still seeing water spots, it may be time to call a technician.

Dishwasher Leaving Food On Dishes 

If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning fully or is leaving food on your dishes we have some solutions for you.

1. Scrape your dishes. Make sure that you’re scraping your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. If there is excess food on your dishes, the dishwasher won’t be able to clean them as well.

2. Check your filter to see if it’s clean. A dirty filter can prevent your dishwasher from circulating water fully and getting your dishes clean.

3. Make sure your garbage disposal is not clogged. If it is, the dishwasher won’t be able to drain properly and this can cause dirty water to circulate and food to be left on dishes.

4. Check your water temperature. If the water is too cold, it won’t be hot enough to dissolve all the detergent and food particles, especially if the food is oily.

5. Load your dishwasher with room for the water to circulate. Overloading your dishwasher can prevent it from circulating water properly and lead to dishes being left dirty.

Dishwasher Leaving Water Spots

6. Finally, check the spray arm. Check to see if it’s clogged, or if it’s being blocked from spinning fully. In either case, the dishwasher won’t be able to spray water properly and this can cause food to be left on dishes.

And there you have it. These are just a few things you can try if your dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes the way it should. If you’ve gone through all of these steps and you’re still finding that your dishwasher won’t clean dishes, it may be time to get in touch with the top-rated dishwasher repair team at Appliance King of America.


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