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double oven pros and cons

Double Oven Pros and Cons: Are Double Ovens Worth It?

A double oven undoubtedly offers more cooking space and convenience, especially when entertaining. But do I need a double oven for my daily cooking needs? This depends on the size of your family and cooking preferences. Consider these double oven pros and cons to determine if this innovation is right for your kitchen.

Considering Double Oven Pros and Cons

Cost, size, and features are just some of the considerations to keep in mind when deciding if a double oven is right for you. But before we discuss additional shopping tips and double oven pros and cons, here’s how they differ from single ovens.

What Are Double vs Single Ovens?

Simply put, a double oven vs single oven offers two cooking spaces instead of one. This is accomplished in one of two styles: a double oven range or double wall oven. Double oven ranges typically pair a smaller oven above a larger one, all within a standard 30-inch range. Though each oven in double range designs is smaller than a single oven, it offers more overall cooking space.

Double wall ovens consist of two full-size ovens built into the wall. They are either stacked on top of each other or placed side by side. Double wall ovens truly double your cooking space, offering two separate but standard-size ovens in one unit. 

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Double Oven vs Single Oven Comparison

While more oven space sounds like a good idea, how do you know if a double or single oven is right for your family? Knowing their advantages and disadvantages can help you make the right choice.

Consider these pros and cons of double oven ownership compared to a single oven:

Double oven pros:

  • More space: Whether you choose a double-oven range or double wall oven, you increase your cooking space. This can be particularly handy if you entertain frequently or have a large family.
  • Better customization: Having two cooking spaces enables you to perform different functions in each. A dish that requires broiling can be cooked at the same time as one that needs roasting so that both are done at the same time. Foods that require different cooking temperatures can also be cooked simultaneously in each space and served together.
  • No transfer of flavors: Cooking certain foods and spices in a single oven makes it almost impossible to cook another item alongside them. Their strong odor likely transfers to your other dish, affecting its smell and flavor. Are double ovens good at eliminating odor transfer? Having two separate and distinct cooking compartments prevents the odor of one dish from affecting another.

Double oven cons:

  • Cost: Both a double oven range and double wall oven are more expensive than single oven designs. Since double wall ovens require a custom installation, their increased cost is even more significant. Lastly, if one oven won’t heat properly, repair costs for double oven designs can be higher than a single oven repair.
  • Oven placement: Double range ovens have a larger oven that’s closer to the floor. This can make squatting or bending to lift heavy roasts or cooking pans awkward and difficult. The lower oven’s placement also eliminates the warming or storage drawer that most single ovens have.
  • Convection space: While most double oven ranges have convection capabilities in the lower oven, they’re not always present above. For convection-loving cooks, this means that only some of your cooking space utilities your preferred cooking method.

Double Oven Shopping Tips

Have you considered all our double oven pros and cons and decided that it’s the right choice for you? When purchasing a double oven, keep certain criteria in mind to get the best bang for your buck.

Consider these double oven shopping tips when making your selection:

  • Size: Double wall ovens require considerable wall space while a double oven range fits a standard kitchen range space. Make sure your kitchen can accommodate your oven preference.
  • Features: Double ovens can offer numerous new features, requiring prioritization of what’s most useful or important for you. Wifi connectivity, touchscreens and airfrying capabilities are just some of the functions to consider.
  • Reliability: Like all major appliances, some double oven brands are more long lasting than others. While choosing an established brand may have its advantages, customer reviews are also extremely helpful in determining an oven’s quality and reliability.

What is the best double oven of 2022? That really depends on your budget, cooking preferences and kitchen space. LG’s 7.3 Cu. ft. Electric Range with Double Oven has a large capacity and warming and proofing capabilities. When it comes to innovation, nothing beats Samsung’s double wall ovens. Models with Flex Duo enable you to cook at two different temperatures within the same oven space. As for high-end design, a Wolf double oven reigns supreme. With its signature red knobs, lightning-fast preheat and Gourmet mode that tells you the moment a dish is done, it’s a top-of-the-line masterpiece.

Double oven pros and cons still include the occasional malfunction. When you need an oven repair service, look no further than Appliance King of America!


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