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Maytag refrigerator freezes food

Why Is My Maytag Refrigerator Freezing Food?

If you find your Maytag refrigerator freezing food, don’t worry! This is a common issue that many people experience. There are several things that you can do to try to fix the problem. We’ll discuss the possible causes of this issue and how to troubleshoot it yourself. We will also provide some tips on how to prevent your refrigerator from freezing food in the future.

Maytag Refrigerator Freezing Food – Reasons Why and How to Fix

If you’re asking, “Why is my fridge suddenly freezing everything?” don’t worry. There are several things that you can do to try to fix the problem. Here are the most common reasons and how to fix them.

Temperature Set Too Cold

One of the most common reasons for your Maytag refrigerator freezing food is because the temperature is set too cold. If you notice your Maytag refrigerator freezing vegetables, this is likely the cause. To fix this, simply adjust the thermostat to a warmer setting.

Why is my fridge suddenly freezing everything

Food Stored in Wrong Location

If you find your Maytag fridge freezing food on lowest setting, the food may be stored in the wrong location. Make sure that you are not storing any food near the vents or in the back of the fridge where it is colder.

Refrigerator Is Too Empty Inside

If your fridge is too empty, it can cause the air to circulate more and make the temperature colder. To fix this, try adding some bottles of water or other items to fill up the space.

Door Is Not Sealed Properly

If your fridge door is not sealed properly, it can let cold air out and cause the temperature inside to drop. To fix this, make sure that the door is closed all the way and check the seal around the door for any gaps.

Maytag fridge freezing food on lowest setting

Condenser Coils Need to Be Cleaned

If your Maytag refrigerator freezes food it may have dirty condenser coils, which can cause the fridge to work harder and freeze food. To fix this, simply clean the coils with a brush or vacuum.

Broken Refrigerator Components

If none of the above fixes work, there may be a problem with one of the components inside your fridge. If this is the case, you will need to call a repairman to come and take a look at your fridge.

How to Prevent Your Fridge From Freezing Food

Now that you know how to fix the problem, here are some additional tips on how to prevent your fridge from freezing food in the future.

  • Keep the temperature set to between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Store food in airtight containers or bags.
  • Clean the condenser coils regularly.

Other Common Fridge Issues

Refrigerator Won’t Cool – If your fridge is not cooling, it may also be because the condenser coils are dirty or the door is not sealed properly. For more causes and fixes, check out our tips on how to troubleshoot refrigerator cooling issues.

Refrigerator Is Leaking Water – If your fridge is leaking water, it may be because the door seal is damaged, the water filter isn’t secured, or there is a problem with the defrost drain.

We hope that these tips have helped you troubleshoot your Maytag refrigerator freezing food. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the top-rated refrigerator repair service team at Appliance King!


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