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My Dryer is Taking Too Long to Dry Clothes

Caring for your clothes dryer when it stops drying your loads of laundry is crucial, and can make the difference between a dryer repair and a dryer replacement. Simple tips like proper cleaning of your lint screen can ensure that your machine serves you for its entire lifetime. 

Make sure your lint screen is clean

Check the dryer screen and remove accumulated lint from its surface. Lint buildup interferes with the flow of air through the exhaust vent, and it’s important to clean lint from the screen after every dryer cycle.

Run water through the lint screen to remove film from detergent buildup

After you have removed accumulated lint, run some water through the screen. Check for water pooling on the screen when you do this, because that might indicate that excess detergent or fabric softener has created a film. If you notice water pooling, scrub the lint screen gently with warm water and dish soap, then rinse thoroughly. Then, run water through the screen again. It is fully clean when no water can pool on the lint screen.

Replace damaged lint screens immediately

It is not a good idea to operate a dryer at all when there are holes in the lint screen. The screen prevents lint from passing into the dryer and vent system, and holes in the screen will obviously allow lint to bypass this safety mechanism, circulating into the hot areas of the dryer, and increasing risk of fire. 

Check that the vent hose is not bent behind the dryer. 

It’s important that the dryer vent hose remains unobstructed, so that air and lint can pass freely through it, ultimately venting outside the house. Don’t push the dryer too far back against the wall — allow adequate space (usually at least 6 inches) for the hose to pass from the dryer to the wall without too much bending or crimping. Crimps or sharp bends will cause the hose to collapse, preventing air and lint from passing through the hose and to the exterior of your house.  

Helpful tip: Place a standard size brick between the dryer and the wall to prevent the dryer from being pushed too far back against the wall.

Make sure there is no lint buildup inside the dryer itself

Proper cleaning of the interior vent system of the dryer requires full disassembly of the appliance, and we recommend this be performed by a professional. Internal dryer cleaning involves cleaning the blower wheel, motor, vent tube inside the dryer, and area under the lint screen. The motor must turn freely to blow the air, and air must be able to flow freely throughout the whole dryer, through the vent tube inside the dryer, and through the transition hose. For safe operation, manufacturers recommend an annual internal cleaning of the dryer and vent system.


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