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My Garbage Disposal is Clogged and Not Working

When your garbage disposal isn’t working, it may be due to an electric or circuit problem. A glitch has the power to temporarily shut down your entire system, but may be an easy fix. Additionally, age and deterioration may be to blame, along with system jams. 

Use the original factory-supplied wrench to clear blade-jams.

Locate the power supply plug, which is usually located under the sink. Next, use the wrench originally supplied with your garbage disposal to try unjamming the blades. You can reach this from underneath the sink. It’s located at the bottom of the disposal.

Check the garbage disposal blades for sharpness.

If the garbage disposal is taking a while to break down and drain food, the blades might have become dull. Our garburator repair technicians can sharpen your blades and perform other important maintenance tasks. However, if the blades are already sharp and the problem persists, the drain might be clogged. At this point, you may need to call a plumber. 

Press the red button to reset the internal breaker

Underneath the sink, at the bottom of the disposal unit, you will find a red button, which resets the internal breaker for the garbage disposal. Press this button to reset the internal circuit breaker

Check for rust or other signs of deterioration

Make sure the disposal is unplugged. Then, from above the sink, look down inside the disposal, checking for rust or other signs of deterioration. Use a flashlight to stretch the rubber splash guard, so that you can see the internal components of the disposal more clearly.

Safely address electrical problems

Sometimes, a circuit may stop working properly, and a simple reset might fix the issue. Pressing the red button at the bottom of the disposal unit underneath the sink will reset the internal breaker for the garbage disposal. Please use caution when handling any circuits or wiring.


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