My Ice Machine is Making Foul-smelling Ice

Over time, sediment, hard water buildup, and water impurities, including deposits and calcium limescale buildup, stick to the internal components of the ice maker and water lines, pumps, and valves. ice machines need special annual cleaning to maintain the units in the best shape possible.

The maintenance is a fairly complicated process. Because ice maker cleaning requires a number of detailed steps, we recommend that it be done by a professional. However, some problems can be solved at home. Read below to see how to address any problems you are having. 

Replace the water filter

Ice machine manufacturers recommend changing water filters every six months. With time, dirt from water filters may escape the filters and run into the ice itself. The answer is simple – replace the old filter with a new one. To help prevent this problem from happening again, browse our personalized comprehensive appliance maintenance plans. Yearly service includes regular cleaning of ice makers as well as filter changes.

Check the water filter for clogs

Once water filters become saturated with dirt, excess dirt can cause clogs and interfere with water flow and ice production. If the water filter gets dirty, it may not only jam up your system, but also emit a foul smell from your fridge area. Because this is a delicate cleaning process, we recommend a licensed technician taking care of this for you. 


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