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My Microwave Won’t Power On

The first step in fixing a microwave is checking whether or not it’s receiving power from your home. Sometimes power surges or spikes can overload a circuit or otherwise interrupt the normal flow of power through a circuit. If resetting the circuit does not clear this problem, a more complicated issue may be involved.

Make sure your microwave is plugged in and receiving power. 

Make sure the microwave is plugged in. Also, try plugging the microwave into a different, dedicated plug, to make sure the problem is in the microwave itself and not from an electrical issue in that plug.

Try resetting the microwave’s computer. 

Sometimes a simple computer reset will fix power problems. Try unplugging the microwave or turning off the circuit breaker for two minutes, then attempt to turn it back on. This will reset the computer inside the microwave and may correct the problem. 

Make sure the microwave has a dedicated circuit.

A microwave needs its own 20 amp circuit. Using a dedicated circuit helps prevent circuit overload and protects your appliances. Following this guideline also protects the wiring in your home. Running more than one appliance on the same circuit can cause circuit overload and trip the breaker. Repeated tripping of a circuit breaker can cause breaker deterioration. Over time, this can put you at risk for a faulty breaker, allowing wiring to overheat, and risking an electrical fire.


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