My Oven’s Bake and Broil Features have Stopped Working

If your range is working fine, but you notice your oven has stopped functioning, the first steps are checking your electrical plus and then resetting the connections. Electricity-based appliances have software installed that can misfire. Read through our tips for more information.

First, check the plug

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best. Check that the plug is snugly in place. Sometimes, plugs come loose over time, and tightening the connection may be enough to get your bake or broil element working again. We also recommend turning off the breaker for two minutes and then firmly plugging it back in. This will reset the computer system while also ensuring that both “legs” of the 240-volt outlet are working. If the problem persists, call an experienced technician. 

Verify it’s not a software error

Modern appliances include many small computers and software components, any of which might encounter software problems from time to time. Sometimes, a simple  “reset” is all it takes to fix a simple software malfunction. Turning your breaker off for two minutes then turning it back on again should reset any computers inside the system and possibly fix the problem. 

Rule out a faulty circuit.

A 240V circuit comprises two 120V legs, each with its own circuit breaker. If one of these two breakers trips or stops making a connection, the range may turn on, but the elements will not work. Resetting the circuit at the breaker level may fix this problem. Turning off the breaker, leaving it off for two minutes then turning it back on again should correct the circuit. 


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