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oven broiler not working

7 Causes of an Oven Broiler Not Working and How to Fix Them

Stumbling upon an oven broiler not working can bring a pang of frustration to any cooking enthusiast. Don’t let this glitch ruin your culinary experience! This guide is here to help you demystify and solve this conundrum, getting your broiler back to its fiery glory!

Why Is My Oven Broiler Not Working Properly?

To start diagnosing the mystery of a non-functional oven broiler, it’s essential to look at potential culprits, from user errors to more technical mishaps, affecting both gas and electric ovens.

User Error

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of toggling the right switches and turning the right dials. Not setting your oven correctly can simulate a malfunctioning broiler. So, when in doubt, reach out for that user manual. It’s the beacon of knowledge that clarifies the correct modes and settings for broiling. Familiarizing oneself with oven functionalities can prevent many a culinary catastrophe!

why did my oven broiler stop working
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Power Interruptions

When the oven seems like it’s just a decorative piece, it might be having power issues. Check if it’s a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or inadequate voltage disrupting your cooking flow. Look at your home’s electrical panel to ensure everything’s in order. Using high-wattage appliances sparingly on the same circuit and ensuring the oven plug is in pristine condition can ward off power interruptions.

Defective Broil Element

In the realm of electric ovens, a malfunctioning broil element is a common villain. If you notice it not glowing red or not heating, it’s time to take action. A visual inspection can reveal any burnout or defects, necessitating a replacement. Maintaining cleanliness and regular inspections can pinpoint wear and tear before total failure and help you avoid oven heating issues.

fix a broiler element in an oven

Faulty Broil Igniter

Gas ovens rely heavily on their igniters. If you notice the igniter glowing but not lighting the burner, it’s signaling weakness and needs replacement. Keep the igniter clean and free from food debris to prolong its lifespan, preventing it from becoming the weak link in your cooking chain.

Thermostat Issues

An unsynchronized oven thermostat can be the silent disruptor, creating discrepancies between the actual and set temperatures. Verifying temperatures with an oven thermometer can reveal any inconsistencies, calling for recalibration or replacement as specified in your oven manual. Regular calibration checks ensure you are always in sync with your oven’s true temperature.

Blown Thermal Fuse

Overheating can blow the thermal fuse, putting a full stop to oven operations. Inspecting the fuse with a multimeter can reveal if it’s the hidden culprit. Avoiding blockages around vents and ensuring proper ventilation can keep overheating at bay, safeguarding the thermal fuse.

Control Board Malfunction

The control board is the conductor of the oven orchestra. When it malfunctions, due to wear or sudden power surges, it can create chaotic oven behavior. Observing any irregularities like random shutdowns or non-responsive broil functions can be indicative of control board issues, which usually require professional intervention. A surge protector can be a small investment to protect your oven’s brain from unexpected electrical spikes.

For those instances when the DIY pathway doesn’t work and you still have an oven broiler not working, it’s time for professional intervention. Choose Appliance King of America for the fastest, most affordable oven repair services in the greater Palm Beach area!.


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