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Refrigerator Is Not Cold But the Freezer Works

7 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Not Cold but the Freezer Works

Are you dealing with an issue where your refrigerator is not cold but the freezer works just fine? You may think it’s odd, but it’s actually a fairly common situation with fridges. We’re here to shine a light on this issue and provide some solutions. In this guide, we’re going to explore possible causes, and discuss how to get your refrigerator back to being the trustworthy appliance you know and love!

What to Do When Your Refrigerator Is Not Cold But the Freezer Works

Let’s get a grasp on why this issue happens and explore some common causes for when your refrigerator is not cold but the freezer works and how you can address each one.

Overloaded Fridge

Why is my freezer freezing but my fridge is warm? An overloaded fridge can obstruct the flow of cold air inside the refrigerator. If your fridge is packed to the brim, it can prevent air from circulating properly, leading to uneven cooling from your fridge. The parts of your fridge which are crammed the most may have higher temperatures than other areas.

Fix: It’s a good practice to declutter your fridge regularly to maintain its efficiency. Not only will this improve airflow, but it will also make your fridge more organized. Make sure to leave some space between items for air to circulate.

Why is my freezer freezing but my fridge is warm

Fridge Vents Blocked

The vents in your refrigerator are crucial for proper cooling. They allow cold air to circulate from the freezer to the fridge. However, if these vents get blocked by ice or even by improperly stored food items, your refrigerator might not be getting enough cold air from the freezer section.

Fix: Regularly check for obstructions and clear out any that exist. Ensure food containers or other items are not blocking these vents. Regularly defrost the freezer to prevent ice from blocking the vents.

Dirty or Damaged Condenser Coils

The condenser coils in your refrigerator play a vital role in dispelling heat as the refrigerant flows through them. If these coils become dirty or suffer damage, they can’t dissipate heat effectively, thereby diminishing the cooling performance.

Fix: A regular cleaning of your condenser coils can help avoid this issue. If you suspect damage, it’s best to have the coils assessed by a professional.

Frost-Covered Evaporator Coils

What to do when the fridge works but the freezer doesn’t? When frost accumulates on the evaporator coils located in your freezer section, air can’t move freely, thereby inhibiting the cooling function in the refrigerator. This usually takes place when there’s a glitch in the defrost system.

Fix: A potential solution is to manually defrost your refrigerator. Switch it off and let the frost thaw. If the issue reoccurs, it could signal problems with the defrost heater, defrost timer, or defrost thermostat, which warrants professional inspection.

What to do when the fridge works but the freezer doesn't

Evaporator Fan Motor Issue

This fan is responsible for ushering air over the coils and into the refrigerator section. If the evaporator fan motor falters, it will impede the fridge’s ability to cool effectively.

Fix: You can check the fan motor by verifying if it functions when the door switch is pressed. The evaporator fan usually will turn on after you shut the door. If not, it might be time for a replacement.

Thermistor Problem

The thermistor’s job is to sense temperature fluctuations within the refrigerator and relay these to the control board. This, in turn, decides whether the compressor and fan should be powered on or off. A thermistor that’s not up to the mark may result in the refrigerator losing its cool.

Fix: A technician can test the thermistor for continuity with a multimeter. If it fails to maintain continuity at any temperature, it will need replacing.

Malfunctioning Temperature Control Thermostat

This thermostat is instrumental in providing voltage to the compressor, fan motors, and defrost heater. If it’s compromised, the refrigerator may struggle to cool adequately.

Fix: A technician can test the thermostat for continuity at different settings. If it doesn’t maintain continuity at any setting, it’s likely faulty and due for replacement.

If your refrigerator is not cold but the freezer works even after addressing all these issues, it’s time to rope in the fridge repair experts. Appliance King of America can expertly diagnose and resolve your fridge cooling issue fast, ensuring your fridge returns to its ideal, frosty temperature!


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