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samsung dishwasher making noise

Samsung Dishwasher Making Noise? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Most modern dishwashers are so quiet that any noise can be a surprise. How do you know if a Samsung dishwasher making noise is normal or indicative of a problem? While a low humming sound is part of normal operation, loud humming could indicate a drain pump blockage. Troubleshoot dishwasher sounds with this guide to common noises and their meaning. 

How to Decipher a Samsung Dishwasher Making Noise

Even if your dishwasher sounds unusual, sometimes a simple adjustment can restore normal function. Here’s how to know if a Samsung dishwasher making noise is normal, easy to fix, or in need of a professional assessment.

Knocking or Banging

Why is my dishwasher so loud with banging sounds? In many cases, this has to do with how it’s loaded. Items that are loaded too closely together may knock into each other when hit with water from the spray arms. Our dishwasher loading guide suggests leaving adequate space between items so they don’t bang against each other during wash cycles. Also, make sure utensils are contained in the utensil holder and not hanging below the rack where they can bang into spray arms.

In some cases, knocking or banging sounds may occur if the dishwasher’s filter is loose. If your dishwasher leaves dishes dirty and you’ve recently cleaned the filter, make sure it was properly secured after cleaning.

why is my samsung dishwasher so loud

Humming or Grinding

If your Samsung dishwasher makes noise when starting that sounds like a low hum, it’s part of normal function. The motor makes this sound as it operates throughout the wash cycle. However, a dishwasher making loud humming noise or grinding sounds could mean that debris is caught in the drain pump. When the pump is obstructed, you may also notice the dishwasher won’t drain water sufficiently. If your model dishwasher allows for pump access, inspect it for debris and remove any blockages. If the pump isn’t accessible, the obstruction must be cleared by a repair service.

Wondering how to fix dishwasher grinding noise if the pump isn’t obstructed? The dishwasher may make this sound if it’s not receiving water from your home supply. Make sure the dishwasher’s hose is properly connected to the dishwasher and your home water supply. Also, make sure that the supply line valve is turned on so water can flow.

Squeaking or Squealing

What does it mean if my dishwasher makes a loud noise that songs like squeaking? If this noise occurs when you open or close the door, its hinges may require lubricating. We suggest using a food-safe lubricant to silence a squeaking hinge.

If the squeaking or squealing is coming from inside the dishwasher, it could indicate a faulty water inlet valve. This component opens to allow water from your home supply to flow to the dishwasher. However, the valve can make a squealing sound if it starts to malfunction. A faulty water inlet valve should be assessed and replaced by a professional dishwasher repair service.

My dishwasher makes a loud noise

Clicking or Popping

A Samsung dishwasher making noise like clicking or popping when you open the door may have a loose kickplate. This noise occurs if the kickplate moves when the door opens and closes. If you notice the kickplate shifting when the door is in motion, reposition it closer to the floor and tighten its screws. It may be necessary to remove the kick plate entirely to reposition it.

The professionals at Appliance King of America can silence a Samsung dishwasher making noise with an expert repair. Call or schedule your service online today!


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