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samsung dryer makes noise

5 Reasons Why Your Samsung Dryer Makes Noise When Running

While your dryer’s low hum and gentle tumble can fade into the background, loud sounds are impossible to ignore. What do I do when my Samsung dryer makes noise when running? Rattling sounds could mean that the leveling legs need adjusting so the dryer rests evenly on the floor. Use these Samsung dryer troubleshooting tips to determine how to quiet loud noises.

What to Do When Your Samsung Dryer Makes Noise

noisy samsung dryer

Though loud dryer sounds may sound like a big problem, most can be silenced with a DIY fix. Use this guide to common dryer sounds to find the right solution when your Samsung dryer makes noise.

Dryer Humming Noise

Typically, a low-level humming sound is not indicative of a problem and is part of normal operation. The blower motor makes a humming sound as it pulls air from the dryer and expels it out the vent.

Dryer Makes Rattling Noise

Is your noisy Samsung dryer rattling while it runs? These sounds may have one of several common causes.

Here’s what’s often responsible for dryer rattling sounds:

  • Dryer is not level: If the dryer doesn’t rest evenly on the floor it’s vibrations can result in a rattling sound during operation. To reduce the noise, adjust the dryer leveling legs higher or lower with a wrench. Place a carpenter’s level on top of the dryer to make sure the legs rest evenly.
  • Vent exhaust is loose: If the dryer’s metal exhaust vent is loose or misaligned it can cause rattling sounds when the dryer runs. Tighten any screws around the vent or reposition it so it doesn’t move during operation. If you’ve noticed that your dryer takes too long to dry, inspect the vent for clogs before securing it. Clogs can restrict airflow and elongate drying times.
  • Loose objects in the drum: Coins, buttons or other small, loose items can make rattling sounds as the drum spins. Pause the drying cycle and remove any loose objects in the drum. Always check clothing pockets before starting a drying cycle and take out any items that can fall out during tumbling.

Dryer Thumps When Running

A Samsung dryer making loud rumbling noise or thumping sounds is likely overloaded. If there are too many items in the dryer drum the heavy load will thump as it bumps along the sides of the drum. Pause the drying cycle and remove some items to dry in a separate load.

Try these dryer loading tips to reduce thumping sounds:

  • Only dry one wash load at a time.
  • Fill the dryer only ¾ of the way full. Consult your user manual to confirm the exact capacity for your model dryer.
  • When drying an oversize item, like bedding or rugs, place the item loosely in the dryer drum or balance it with 1 or 2 smaller items.

screeching samsung dryer

Dryer Squeaks or Grinds

Squeaking or grinding sounds usually occur if the dryer’s load is too heavy. As heavy loads can result in part failures, pause the drying cycle immediately and remove some items to reduce the weight. How can you avoid a screeching Samsung dryer? You may need to run a faster washer spin cycle so that clothing retains less water and is lighter before drying.

Failed Samsung Dryer Parts

If your Samsung dryer makes noise while running even after these troubleshooting tips, a part failure may be responsible.

The following parts can result in loud dryer noises when they fail, requiring a professional clothes dryer repair:

  • Drive belt: This slender rubber belt is suspended around the drum via two pulleys, rotating the drum via the motor’s power. If the belt frays or tears, the drum can make a loud squealing or screeching sound during operation.
  • Drum roller: The drum rollers are located in the front or rear of the drum and support it as it spins. When they wear out, the drum will make a rumbling sound when it rotates. Even if only one roller wears out, all should be replaced at the same time.
  • Blower wheel: This plastic wheel draws in warm air from the heating element and expels it out the exhaust vent. Over time, the wheel can loosen, become clogged with debris or break. When this happens, the dryer may make a thumping sound during operation. While the blower wheel can be tightened or an obstruction can be removed to restore function, a damaged wheel must be replaced.

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