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why won't my samsung oven heat up

6 Causes of a Samsung Oven Not Heating Up Properly

Unfortunately, oven heating problems are usually discovered only after a meal emerges  uncooked. Why won’t my Samsung oven heat up as usual? The door may have been left open too long, enabling the oven’s automatic shut-off feature. Make sure the oven door is closed completely after opening it. Learn more reasons for a Samsung oven not heating properly to quickly solve the problem.

Troubleshooting a Samsung Oven Not Heating

While some heating issues can be corrected with an easy adjustment, others may require a professional repair. Here’s how to determine the right solution for a Samsung oven not heating as it should. 

1. No Power to Oven

Before determining a malfunction, Samsung oven troubleshooting should first assess its power source. If the oven isn’t receiving adequate power, it won’t be able to heat sufficiently.

Follow these steps to check your oven’s power supply:

  1. Make sure the oven is plugged in properly: even gas ovens require an electrical connection to power certain functions.
  2. Confirm that the outlet is providing enough power: electric ovens require a 240-volt connection to receive sufficient power for heating.
  3. Check the oven’s circuit breaker: even if the breaker appears properly positioned, turn it off for 30 seconds before turning it back on.
samsung oven not heating

2. Samsung Oven in Demo Mode

If your Samsung oven doesn’t get hot at all it may be in Demo mode. This mode serves to illustrate the oven’s control panel functions while it’s on a showroom floor. However, for safety reasons, it doesn’t allow for enough gas or electricity to turn the oven on. Usually, an oven in Demo mode will have a “d” or “Demo” displayed on the control panel. This function needs to be disabled for the oven to heat up.

Here’s how to turn off Demo mode on a Samsung oven:

  1. Press Options button
  2. Select #6 for Demo mode settings
  3. Press Ok button
  4. Select #2 to turn off Demo mode
  5. Press OK to confirm setting

3. Oven Door Left Open

Samsung ovens have a safety feature that turns the oven off if the door is left open too long. After opening the oven door, make sure it’s closed completely so this feature isn’t enabled and the heat remains on.

samsung oven troubleshooting

4. Oven Thermostat Needs Calibration

Is your Samsung oven not heating up enough to reach the desired temperature? It may need to be recalibrated. Though you may set the oven’s temperature to a specific setting, the actual interior temperature can fluctuate. The oven’s thermostat usually works to maintain the set temperature, but it may require recalibration to improve its accuracy.

Try testing your oven by baking a batch of plain biscuits. Follow the cooking instructions carefully and then look closely at the results. If your biscuits come out uneven or undercooked, you may need to recalibrate the oven thermostat.

Refer to your oven’s user manual for the exact instructions on how to recalibrate your model oven. Selecting Thermostat Adjustment from the Settings or Options menu typically begins the process. Most ovens can be recalibrated up to 35℉ for improved accuracy.

5. Defective Samsung Oven Bake Element

In electric ovens, a defective bake element can also cause heating issues. This element is located at the bottom of the oven and consists of electrical wires encased in a metal coil. When the wires receive an electrical current, the coil glows red and heats up to bake or roast food. However, if the coil is damaged or defective,  it won’t be able to produce heat.

Here’s how to tell if the bake element is defective:

  • Visible damage like blistering or breakage
  • The coil has a spotty red glow
  • Multimeter testing shows a lack of continuity.

A defective bake element can’t be repaired and must be replaced.

samsung oven doesn't get hot

6. Samsung Oven Igniter Failure

A failed Samsung oven igniter is one of the most common causes of heating issues in gas ovens. This component both opens the valve that allows gas to flow and ignites the gas with a spark of electricity to heat the oven. If the igniter fails, it may not be able to perform one or both of these functions, leaving the oven without heat.

Watch the igniter as it attempts to light the gas. If it takes more than 90 seconds to light or doesn’t light the gas at all, it’s too weak and requires replacement.

If you still find your Samsung oven not heating properly, a professional oven repair service should have a look. Schedule your assessment with Appliance King of America of today!


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