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sub zero refrigerator makes noise

4 Causes for a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Making Loud Noise

Loud sounds can be a surprising deviation from a Sub-Zero refrigerator’s quiet operation. What is a common reason for a Sub-Zero refrigerator making loud noise? A failing evaporator fan motor often operates at a louder volume, requiring professional replacement to stop the sound. Our step-by-step guide pinpoints the causes for other refrigerator noises and how to silence them.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Making Loud Noise? This Could Be Why

Though loud refrigerator noises may seem mysterious, they often have a specific cause. Different sounds can also signify a particular issue. We’ll detail how to diagnose a Sub-Zero refrigerator making loud noise and determine if a simple adjustment or professional repair is needed.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Beeping

Beeping sounds are unique in that they can have several possible causes and solutions. Before troubleshooting the refrigerator’s beeping noise, first confirm the source of the sound by turning the refrigerator off at the control panel. If the beeping continues, it may be originating from another appliance.  

Here are the most likely reasons for Sub-Zero refrigerator beeping and how to stop them:

  • Beeping with service icon: Indicates a significant error necessitating professional service.
  • Beeping with an open door: May be the door ajar alarm. To verify, the alarm must be turned off to see if the beeping stops. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine how to turn off the alarm on your model refrigerator.
  • Beeping with a closed door: Could be a blockage preventing the door from closing properly, triggering the door ajar alarm. Check for blockages, removing one of the door shelves if necessary.
sub zero refrigerator making loud noise
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Faulty Sub-Zero Refrigerator Fan Motor

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator makes noise at a louder volume, it may be due to a failing evaporator fan motor. The refrigerator and freezer each have their own evaporator fan. 

Follow these steps to determine the Sub-Zero refrigerator evaporator fan motor that’s making the noise:

  1. Open the refrigerator and freezer doors.
  2. Close just the refrigerator doors. If the noise continues, the refrigerator evaporator fan is at fault.
  3. Open the refrigerator doors again.
  4. Close just the freezer door. If the noise remains, the freezer evaporator fan is responsible.
  5. A professional service can determine if either fan’s blades are obstructed or if the motor is failing and requires replacement.

Ice Buildup in Freezer Section

Sometimes freezer frost buildup can also result in a Sub-Zero refrigerator making loud noise. If there is icy buildup and the refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, first determine if the freezer’s fan is obstructed by a frozen item. If there are no fan obstructions and the refrigerator temperature is normal, the freezer needs to be defrosted. While some models allow for defrosting of specific sections, most require manual defrosting.

Here’s how to manually defrost a Sub-Zero freezer to remove ice buildup:

  1. Remove frozen food, placing items in a cooler or alternative freezer.
  2. Place towels on the floor under the freezer to absorb any melting ice.
  3. Leave freezer door open to melt icy buildup. This may take several hours.
  4. Close freezer door, allowing up to 24 hours for freezer to return to set temperature.
  5. If ice buildup returns or your Sub-Zero refrigerator runs constantly, there may be a defrost system malfunction, requiring professional service.
sub zero refrigerator runs constantly

Defective Water Inlet Valve

Do you find your Sub-Zero refrigerator making loud noise when the ice maker is filling? If so, the water inlet valve may be defective. This valve opens and closes to allow water to flow to the dispenser and ice maker. Over time, mineral particles from the water can build up in the valve, limiting water flow. When this happens, the valve will operate at a louder volume.

A defective water inlet valve cannot be repaired or cleaned and requires professional replacement.
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