The Dishwasher Has Stopped Draining – What’s Wrong?

If your dishwasher has stopped draining, dirty, stagnant water will likely start to emit a foul odor in your kitchen. However, it may be an easy fix. Follow our tips to get your dishwasher running smoothly.

Clean the filter

The dishwasher filter is located in the bottom of the dishwasher, under the lower spray arm. Some dishwasher models use twist-out filters, whereas others use pull-out varieties, and still others use non-removable filter screens. Clean the filter thoroughly by either running it under water or wiping and removing debris off of it. Then replace it and check to see if the dishwasher will drain by running another load. 

Check the plug for blockage

If you’ve recently had a new dishwasher installed, make sure the plug inside it has been removed. If you have recently installed a new garbage disposal, it’s possible that the plug connecting it to the drain line is blocked. New disposals come equipped with small knock-out plugs inside, for connection to the dishwasher drain line. If this plug is not removed upon installation, the dishwasher will not drain.

Verify the pump is working properly

The dishwasher relies on a pump to drain water from it at the end of the cycle. If the pump fails, water won’t drain. This issue is best resolved by a professional.


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