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The Electric Range Suddenly Stopped Working

If your oven or range has stopped working, the problems range from an overabundance of dirt and grime, to a more complicated electrical issue. However, many issues can be resolved or at least diagnosed by homeowners before calling an expert. 

Make sure the burner cap and burner head are in the right position.

Sometimes plugs come loose. Check that the burners are plugged firmly into place. Make sure the range burners are plugged in properly and that they’re not moist to the touch, as this will prevent sparking. Lastly, use manufactured parts only, as generic parts might not make proper contact with terminals.

Make sure to use original pans and burners

When original pans or burners for standard coil burners need replacement, some people purchase generic or after-market parts instead of tracking down specific manufacturer-supplied parts. However, we do not recommend using generic burner and pan parts, because slight differences in shapes or sizes may prevent these parts from making proper contact between the burner terminals and block. 

Check that the burner terminals are clean

If you hear clicking but you don’t see a spark, the burner terminals may be dirty, and grime or dirt stuck between the ignitor and the contact could be preventing sparking activity. Unplug the range, then try to clean the ignitor contacts gently with sandpaper, or brush them lightly with a wire brush.


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