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The Washing Machine is Making Loud Noises

Don’t ignore washing machine noise! If the washer is properly balanced on the ground and the laundry load is evenly distributed inside the machine, loud noises should not persist. Check your machine if it is making disruptive noises.

Ensure the washing machine’s legs are in the proper position 

Washing machine noises are often caused by balance issues, whether inside the machine due to improper clothes loading, uneven balance of the machine relative to the ground, or suspension problems. Noise can also be an indicator that it’s time to replace bearings or the main seal, as these parts wear out over time. 

To test this, try tilting your washer side to side and front to back. There should be no movement at the base of the machine. If there is movement, adjust the legs accordingly, until you find a position in which no movement occurs. Turning the front legs clockwise will raise the legs, while turning them counterclockwise will lower them.

On many washing machines, the back legs are “self-leveling.” To level the rear legs of a self-leveling washing machine, face the front of the washer, then tilt the washing machine toward you, thus raising the back legs off the ground. Then release the washer gently, allowing it to drop down to the floor. The rear legs will automatically adjust to the proper height. If the rear washing machine legs are not self-leveling, level them using the same steps you used for leveling the front legs.

Load your clothes evenly into the machine

Place items into the machine one at a time, wrapped around the outside of the tub and away from the agitator or washplate. Try to add clothes that are similar evenly around the tub: for instance, balance a pair of jeans on the left side with another pair on the right side, and do the same for shirts, sheets, etc. Balancing the distribution of your laundry in the washer reduces noise, vibration, and wear-and-tear on parts. 


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