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Washers have a variety of moving parts that can malfunction, resulting in an unplanned inconvenience in your laundry room. Problems may be caused by broken timers, drums, belts or other vital parts. 

After thorough diagnostic testing, our technicians can replace worn or broken parts, repair electrical components and have you back up and running quickly.

Residential & Commercial Service

We are experts in repairing and troubleshooting problems for residential or coin operated multi-family or commercial systems. Appliance King services a wide range of washers, including traditional, high-efficiency, front-load, and top-load washers.

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Common Problems

Washing machine does not spin.

try this first

  • Make sure the washer door is shut tightly. Open doors may trigger safety systems that stop spin cycles.
  • Unplug the machine to reset power. Leave the machine off for 3 minutes to reset computers.

Washing machine is making loud noises.

try this first

  • Check to ensure the washing machine’s “legs” are in the proper position
  • Make sure the washer is not overloaded: Don’t fill the machine beyond two-thirds full.
  • Make sure the washer load is balanced: Balance clothing loads evenly, from side to side.

Washer gets stuck mid-cycle.

try this first

  • Check for a broken belt, worn out transmission, or failed motor.
  • Replace the parts as necessary to prevent the washing machine from stopping mid-cycle.
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Keep it running with no worries

Appliance King also offers custom maintenance plans for all large kitchen and laundry appliances. Speak to us about setting up a short or long term service schedule to keep your machines running like new. We’ll analyze your specific needs, set up a routine maintenance plan, and notify you when it’s time for us to come by and tune up your machines. No need to worry about what needs to be done or struggle with online “how-to”’s. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can get back to life.

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Scheduled Up-Keep

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We have a full range of new appliances.

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We offer same-day delivery for all fast-moving parts in stock. Whenever possible, we supply factory-certified parts obtained directly from the manufacturers.

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